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POP (World Wide) Fashion Network Organization (en.pop136.com) is a great fashion information consulting website, bringing multi-angle views of design for apparel, bags and footwear industries. The websites have columns like trends analysis, style pictures, retail shoots, design books, visual merchandise, graphics, street styles, etc. POP is a huge fashion gallery and trendy information center on line.

POP websites:

POP Fashion POP Bags POP Shoe

Advantages & Features:
1. Professional fashion service sites for clothing, bags and footwear.
As an overall professional fashion, bag and footwear design information site in China, it has more 150 thousand members since year 2004, and has become a must-have design service for clothing, bags and footwear designers. After 6 years of hard working, there are over 5 million style pictures and still counting. POP guarantees for the best, fast and the straightest views of fashion design and trends analysis.
2.Widely spreaded fashion reporters for latest fashion news.
In Paris, Milan, Tokyo, London, and New York... Nearly every fashion capitals in the world, there are POP fashion reporters and collaborated studios, keeping very close eyes on every evens happening there. Fashion designers, experienced commentators and reporters, photographers make up of the exclusive fashion source for our sites. Any fashion weeks, new collections released to retail stores, designers collaboration and hot street styles will all be catched by them.
3.Collaboration with international fashion trends studio
We never satisfied with delivering fashion pictures, but also focus on trends ahead. In France, Italy, UK, America, Korea and Japan, we have stable collaboration with local fashion studios, getting every latest fashion trends both for current time and future. Deep trends analysis will help fashion industries stand out from others.
4.Best service for your great development
POP (World Wide) Fashion Network Organization offers great service with lower price than others. POP's sense of worth is much more about being the greatest fashion design information center for all companies and design studios. The way of getting inspiration for design becomes so easy with POP, as there is no need to walk out of your house, just sitting infront of your desk, and browsing every runway shows, style pictures, retail shoots, design books and magazines, etc.
December 2004 POP Fashion (en.pop-fashion.com) was founded, and became the first professional fashion design consulting website in China.
December 2004 POP Bags(en.pop-bags.com) was founded, and became the first professional bag design consulting website in China.
May 2005 POP Shoe(en.pop-shoe.com) was founded, and became the first professional shoe design consulting website in China.
May 2006 POP Fashion site was renewed with a 3 times bigger gallery.
September 2007 POP Fashion (en.pop-fashion.com) was renewed again with a 2 times bigger than the previous site, becoming the most professional and greatest fashion design site in China.
June 2009 POP Fashion (en.pop-fashion.com) was improved with innovate way of browsing, attracting more than 60 million vistors! The rank up to be the 1st on ChinaRank , and no. 60,000 on Alexa!
The aim: