Any individual or corporation who register on this site for the first time can join in as a free member of POP (World Wide) Fashion Network Organization.

After registration or login, you can apply for VIP, and finish the payment through bank remittance, online payment, mail remittance or west union. Then inform our customer service center to confirm the payment.

1. Fax the remittance to +82-2-851-3011.

2. Send the remittance to E-mail ID

3. Call +82-2-851-3000

Please inform the customer service center with payment details, such as bank name, account name and subscribed service.


register → free member → select the VIP member service → payment → inform the customer service center → confirm and open VIP account → get VIP account。

Webistes customer service center will confirm the payment after being informed, and open the VIP account in 1 hour.